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Who We Are Useful For

in short: to everyone who needs a website

Self employed people

i.e. photographers, designers, video makers, video editors, audio editors, business analysts, business coaches, sports/fitness coaches, cooks, bakers, real estate dealers, lawyers, hairdressers, nails masters, eyelashes masters, DJs, etc. We will help you to attract more customers by means of showing examples of your work at your personal landing page.

Online shops

We will help you to build an e-commerce platform to sell online and keep track of your sales easily. We can also help with marketing to attract hundreds and thousands of buyers on a daily basis.

Small and medium-sized businesses​

Increase your business credibility by means of custom website. We can help with automating business processes and as a result business cost reduction. Custom website will definitely prove your legitimacy as a business.

Illia Shutieiev - IllitDev Founder
The aim of our company is to provide our clients the best quality they can ever get in the shortest terms it is possible. After the end of the project both our team and client are satisfied and proud of being part of the process.
Illia Shutieiev
IllitDev Founder

What We Provide






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Our Projects

LessMeeting is an online app and tool focused on making meetings more productive.
Roadmap is a feedback-driven product management software that helps you build the right product based on your customers' needs.
KupidonChick Screenshot
KupidonChick is a large Ukrainian retailer that specializes in bags and accessories. A scalable and secure CRM system was designed to process and operate with large amount of client information.

What We Work With


Desktop Apps

Mobile Apps



Other IT services

What Our Clients Say


I really enjoyed working with Illia and his team. Projects were delivered on time and according to specifications. The team did quality work and were not afraid to take on new challenges. Strongly recommended!

IllitDev Customer

Thanks to IllitDev for fast and high-quality work. They gained all of the requirements and created a really beautiful website! Now Kupidon.chick can perform accounting really easy. If you need high quality, hiring IllitDev is a must!

IllitDev Customer

Our shop required an E-commerce website as soon as possible. IllitDev provided us a final version of it in 2 days! Even though the price was a little bit high for us we really loved the result. We will definitely hire IllitDev again for new development.

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